Wi-Fi is awesome… until it’s not

Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming a mission-critical part of many small businesses. But when something goes wrong, it’s a mystery to fix. Common symptoms of Wi-Fi pains include: “it was working fine a minute ago”, and “it’s so slow!” Users on your network expect you to magically fix it, and it’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

No need for hair-pulling. inSSIDer Office + Wi-Spy Mini is here. Find the best channel for your access point, avoid interference, and get on with your day


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inSSIDer Office takes Wi-Fi network discovery to a whole new level. Combine it with the Wi-Spy Mini spectrum analyzer, and you get a solution that will help you find poor channel placement, diagnose low signal strength, and see invisible interference as you walk around your environment.

inSSIDer Office is the first application that helps you design and troubleshoot wireless networks spanning multiple channels. You can choose up to 8 access points for optimization, making inSSIDer Office the perfect tool for multi-AP deployments.
Rate the health of your network with Link Score

Want some hard numbers? inSSIDer Office features a Link Score to help you quickly judge the health of your channel placement. Link Score grades your network by taking into account signal strength, channel power, and number of networks competing for airtime. The closer your AP’s Link Score is to 100, the better. It’s the quickest and simplest way to determine if an AP is on the best channel or not.


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Interference is a huge drag to your Wi-Fi speeds. inSSIDer Office alone can help you avoid interference with other networks, but you also need to deal with RF interference from non-Wi-Fi devices like baby monitors, security cameras, Xbox consoles, and other devices competing for airtime in the 2.4GHz band

Luckily, Wi-Spy Mini can see ALL types of interference, and it works with inSSIDer Office to give you information about those pesky non-Wi-Fi interferers. This additional layer of information will help inSSIDer Office assign the most accurate Link Score possible, so you can make an educated decision about each access point.

Tips to improve your network health

Need a little extra guidance? inSSIDer Office includes an Analyze Tab, which provides expert tips based on your survey. These tips will alert you to potential issues users of your starred networks may have.

You will be notified if inSSIDer detects a better channel for your network, excessive amounts of interference, non-standard channel usage, or other common wireless issues. Each alert can be expanded for additional details and suggestions on what to do to remedy the situation. The Analyze tab will make your job a breeze with the extra guidance and action-oriented steps it provides.


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Technical Requirements

OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft® Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP3)
MAC OS X VIRTUALIZATION: VMware Fusion, Parallels
WI-FI RADIO: 802.11n/ac recommended


NOTE: Virtual machines require an external USB Wi-Fi adapter to view Wi-Fi information